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Forum rules
Please see the "Forum Rules" Post in "Important Things."

Forum Rules

Postby conrad » Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:06 am

This is to be a nice, civilized community. This doesn't mean no joking, but it does mean to follow these rules and understand the Terms of Service (accessible through the login screen.)

Besides these rules, most of the rules at apply, but, like, for this forum. Not that one.

1. No adult content (i.e. nudity.) Please keep that stuff to yourself, or 4chan, or wherever.

2. Don't be a jerk. It's okay to be playful, but flaming (excessive rudeness in anger towards another) is not okay. Neither is flamebaiting, which is the attempt to spark such a reaction.

3. Please be respectful of other people's ideas. If you don't like someone's religion/philosophy/ideas/etc., make your own thread about your ideas.

4. Then again, if your ideas are really, incredibly dull, dumb, or offensive, the staff here will deal with you swiftly.

5. Off-topic discussion is discouraged. Please keep discussions in their appropriate forums. If you can't figure it out, stick it in General Discussion.

6. Don't argue with the mods about the rules. The mods are always right. The admin is even more right.

7. If you think the admin/mods are wrong, see rule 5.

8. If you still think the admin/mods are wrong, feel free to contact me at "conrad [at symbol] 32ounces [period] com."

9. If you have a complaint about our moderation and the complaint is about free speech, see (warning: some vulgarity.)

10. Lastly, when you first register, it'd be great if you could post a hello message in the Introductions board so I can tell you aren't a robot.

Follow these pretty lean rules, and no harm will come.
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